BMOS Surprise Birmingham crowds!

If you were out and about in Birmingham Friday 28th August, you might have heard us making a stir with our rather surprising Flash Mob!

In the unexpected corners of some of Birmingham’s local pubs each one of our members arose from their seats, singing out loud to The Proclaimers and and more and more joined donning our promotional BMOS t-shirts. No we had not had one too many at the bar, it was of course all in honour of our up and coming performance at The Crescent Theatre – ‘Sunshine on Leith’ which runs between September 29 to October 3.


Thank you to all the members that got involved with this excellent promotion and to all the unsuspecting viewers throughout the day and we hope you enjoyed. Let us know if you were there that day and what you thought! Weren’t there? Well don’t worry as we have some footage that was filmed that day for you to enjoy so no one misses out!

To read our article in the Birmingham Mail just follow this link.